Tonight. At 92YTriBeCa. With Emily King

Oh my friends.

Saints, Sinners, and Sweet Children of Original Darkness!

I do hope you’ve kept your calendars clear for tonight.  because this is the night for which we have been waiting quite sometime.  At last — at very long last — Aabaraki is going to have the pleasure of sharing a discrete bill with none other than the immaculate Emily King.  We’re so glad we released a record this year because we’re in good company with people like Emily — who’s EP came out last week — and its an honor to be asked to open for her Record Release Party.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet… there’s still time.  Go here, order your tickets, run home after work to get some dancing shoes, and come get some tonight.

You will feel good all over.

the one and only: Emily King

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