Aabaraki: Back In The Saddle

its been a while.  we know.  first — to make up for the musical vacuum we’ve left — there is this:

while we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs last month, we were kind of blown away thinking about how far this whole band-music-movement has come since we started way back in ’09.  thanks to the help of a few particular people behind the scenes, and a couple of great NYC venues, and the amazing support of the few, but hardy, fans we’ve managed to gather beneath the futureSoul flag.  and it was for you all that we went into the studio last week (with akie jetlagged beyond belief, brian sporting a chronic cough, aaron falling down sleepy, and ari smushed between two other engagements) and recorded this Alanis Morissette song that we only played during once before (during our Rockwood Residency in April).

the above is footage from the session, but you can own the MP3 for the low, low price of Free.99 by clicking right here.  we hope it suffices for the time being while we continue to work on the new EP from the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions.


in the meantime: we’ve started playing again.  this month boasts gigs in Boston and Pittsburgh as well as in the Brooklyn and Manahattan.  We’re playing every single little chance we get.  the first gig coming up is in the County-of-Kings at a spot called Spike Hill (184 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg).  We’ll be sharing the night with some fantastic artists and friends.  Adam Shenk (8pm) will be there, and so too Xenia Rubinos (10pm).  And yours truly will be on at 11pm, to round out the night.

you can buy tickets today and save yourself a couple of bucks (is $7 at the door the day-of).


finally, looking at the year ahead and expenses likely to leave us gasping for breath, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to raise some money for touring and the new EP and all that stuff.  if you have a chance, please check out our video.  and donate whatever you can — every little bit helps.  there will be more begging and pleading as the days wind on, so look out for shenanigans to raise interest and awareness of our brokeness!

that’s all for now.  we’ll leave you with the Kickstarter video: a kind of unfinished cadence… meaning there is more yet to come.


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