Give thanks, spread love, & support live music

friends, dissidents, and music-luminaries —

it is November.  at long last, this year is winding down.  With only some sixty days left in it, we turn our minds ever towards that shimmering ghost of a horizon that is the coming year — and we wonder.

its been a hell of a year for us here at Aabaraki HQ and we are so damned excited to get things popping for next year.  Don’t get us wrong: there’s still plenty popping off in 2011.  We’ve got a gig at Rockwood Music Hall on the night before Thanksgiving (with mister Shawn Pelton sitting in on drums) and we have one or two dates in December already lined up (possible a NYE hit as well?!)  and we’re coming to the final weeks of work on the Converse RubberTracks EP we recorded earlier this year.  So, yes, plenty is still going down this year.

but as we look to next year, we’re starting to plan BIGGER things down the line.  sadly, in order to make those bigger plans a reality, we need a little scratch in the bank.  And that’s where you come in, dear reader.  perhaps you’ve heard of Kickstarter?!  the website where independent little “companies” can raise money from individual investors in order to make a small budgetary goal come to fruition?!  well, whether you have or you haven’t, we are pleased to present the Aabaraki Kickstarter Page!

so come one, come all — see our crazy video.  look at our awesome gifts.  pick out a pledge level: and then pledge!

we know some of you out there are the crunchy types who donate to NPR and PBS and local radio stations (and, indeed, we have some folks like that in the band).  you KNOW the awesome feeling you get when you pledge a little something and get that PBS Totebag or the NPR coffee mug.  you feel: good!  and when you feel good, it creates a cycle of goodness: you do good, you see goodness, and you feel good once more.  how many guilt free pleasures are there like this in the world?!

so, why not help us help you help yourself?!  give a little something to your friendly future-soulist.  and in due course, it will pay dividends — of mind & spirit, but also sweet, sweet jamz…

and everybody has a weakness for the sweetness of a sweet jam.

(seriously, we can’t do this with you, dear reader. give a little, if you can.  or, if not, pass it on.  let people know there’s a great band out here asking for some financial help so that they can kickstart a little music movement from a tiny germ to a full-blown outbreak.)

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