Listening to Aabaraki is like taking a late night subway ride deep into the heart of Brooklyn (with some friends you just met, headed to a party in some abandoned building). Everything is coming at you fast and furious, but with a depth and underlying meaning that might take hours or days to truly understand.

With an “alt-soul” sound described as “Gnarls Barkley meets The Black Keys,” the four-piece band consists of guitarist Brian Forbes, vocalist/keyboardist Akie Bermiss, drummer Attis Clopton, and bassist Ari Folman-Cohen. “Akie’s voice is the guide and conscience,” says Brian, who is also the band’s founder. “His soulful intellect and passionate fire lead you on an evolving journey and you’re never sure exactly where you’ll wind up. ” The band follows suit with electrifying guitar and production; deep, throbbing bass lines and a “constant pocket” on the drums that keep heads nodding. The result is a slow burn that spontaneously erupts into a full-on frenzy.

Aabaraki released their self-titled EP in 2011 strongly announcing their presence on the Brooklyn indie soul scene, especially the track “Karate” featuring rapper Soul Khan. Their follow up EP “The Emancipation Vol.1” rang out nationally as they stepped up their touring and on the back of the first single “DanceShee”.

Now they are releasing a full-length album of a blistering live performance in early 2013 on Rockwood Music Hall Recordings. Capturing the explosive energy of an Aabaraki live show… the album brings their music to an entirely new level. Embracing the creative fusion of rock, funk and soul, alongside acts like Frank Ocean and The Weekend, Aabaraki is poised to assault the airwaves with their undeniable grit, mesmerizing beats, and body-melting grooves.