You Can Donate Now!

If you’d like to help us out by donating the cause,  look no further!

The support is much appreciated.  Our albums and touring and, really everything we do, is brought to you by the generous donations that YOU make.

Whatever you can give, it is much appreciated, but we do have some nice thank-you gifts listed below if you’re interested in making a sizeable donation to the band.

Thank you all!



$10 or more

A Digital download of our new E.P. thats being helped funded by this very Kickstarter!!

$15 or more

Digital download of our fresh new E.p. as well as our first record, the “Karate” E.P.

$25 or more

A digital download of new E.P. as well as a signed copy of “Karate” E.P…thats right,in addtion to our music you get all our John Hancocks!.

$50 or more

For $50.00 you get the coveted “Reduction Stutter Funk” Package..which includes, A download of or awesome new E.P.,A signed copy of the “Karate” E.P. as well an Aabaraki T-shirt that will make all your friends jealous..

$75 or more

For $100 a copy of the original Blueprints of the dream woman from our video “Karate”..Artwork by David Ostow! PLUS you get the “Reduction Stutter Funk” pAckage

$85 or more

A handwritten lyric sheet of any Aabaraki song you request, or one of our choosing… PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage!!!

$100 or more

A Downloadable “Box Set” of our last Rockwood Music Hall Residency performances (4 CDs worth)!!!…Never before released PLUS you get the “Reduction Stutter Funk” pAckage

$125 or more

You get the Blueprints and the “Box Set” PLUS you get the “Reduction Stutter Funk” pAckage

$150 or more

You get the ONE OF A KIND “Bobba Fett is my Homeboy” T-shirt worn by Bettina Taylor and featured in our Karate video!!! PLUS the “Reduction Stutter Funk” pAckage.

$200 or more

You get a private music lesson with one of us!!…Limited availability! PLUS you get the “Reduction Stutter Funk” pAckage

$250 or more

Aabaraki will arrange and perform any cover of your choice at a show reworked Aabaraki style….The song will be recorded live and released on the Interweb and dedicated to you, also free tickets the show PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage!!

$500 or more

Aabaraki will write a song for you about any subject you choose!!! We will record it and provide you with a high quality MP3 or WAV of said composition. PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage!!

$700 or more

Choose between two up and close personal Aabaraki encounters!! 1. We will have whisky,cigars and a nice potluck dinner with you. What could be better than some home cooking Reductionstutterfunk style?!!..OR 2. Come hang at a recording session for one of our upcoming releases and be part of the track. We will record you as part of a gang vocal or clap track!!!!…PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage

$1000 or more

Aabaraki will put on a free concert for you and your friends within drivable distance from New York!!! You will also get Associate Producer credits on future album/releases,..Whoah! PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage

$2500 or more

You will receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on the album… a Day in the studio with the band, a Blueprint, and a Boxset… PLUS the ReductionStutterFunk pAckage!

$5000 or more

ANGEL INVESTOR!!! Become part of the Inner Circle… The spiritual gifts you will receive will be beyond measure… possible access to Satori (instant enlightenment)


window 03

love, Aabaraki!