Aabaraki @ Rockwood Music Hall. This Friday (8/10) at 9PM.


lace up your Keds, kids. its time for another Friday Night exultation of all things sweaty, funky, and wholly sacred. Aabaraki is back, once more, at Rockwood Music Hall before we take a long break to work on our next EP.


after this, we won’t be playing in NYC until about September. If you value your money-maker (and in times likes these: you must!) then you will come and shake it whilst we throw-down hard, play it to the bone, tear the roof off the mother — and so on and so forth, ad naus.


summer is the season. and the night-time is the right time. we want to be with YOU. let’s make history. one more time.


FRIDAY Aug 10th

9:00 PM

Rockwood Music Hall

no cover (we got you covered)



your’s truly,


The Emancipation Pt. 1 is Released!!

The Emancapation Pt.1 is Released!!

Hello Folks!

We here at Aabaraki HQ are delighted to to say our new album “The Emancapation Pt.1”  is available for your listeining pleasure!! It can be found on such fine retailers as Itunes,Spotify and Bandcamp. We are very proud of this album and hope it heats up your summer nicely. If you like it tell a friend,and hopefully they’ll tell a friend and so on and so forth…Also for  some more eye and ear candy here is a musc video of our single off the record “Danceshee”..enjoy!!



Keep checking back as we get the summer rolling with shows,tours and other hot treats.

Aabaraki EP Release Concert. FRIDAY APRIL 6. ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL. 1030pm.


its been another month of sundays.  adventures have come and gone. timezones have been crossed, daylights have been saved, and — most importantly — soulful music has been laid down from New York City to Austin, TX to St. Barths and back.  we never stop doing what we were sent here to do.

even as the live show has been taking on more power and immensity, so too have we been putting the very final touches on the much-talked-of, oft-promised, and now finally-near-finished Aabaraki/Converse Rubber Tracks EP.  as you may recall, last summer we laid down the tracks for a record at Converse’s beautiful new studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Finally, after much debate, and editing, and over-dubbing (and under-dubbing), and consultation, and so forth: we have something that is a finished piece of work.  We have The Emancipation: Part One.

and this coming Friday (April 6th) we’ll be playing a release party for the EP at Rockwood Music Hall. 1030pm with the wonderful Adeline Michele opening up for us.  All-in-all, this is going to be a crazy night to remember in New York City.  We do hope you can share it with us.


the band

…props to Jamie Falkowski of  KeapHope for this great new logo!

Thanks to all who came to BAMcafe last night!

Dag!  What a great year its been so far.  2012 has been rocking our socks off.  Had a great New Years with 2 shows — one upstate at The Falcon Arts Center (in Marlboro, NY) and one late night hit at Rockwood with just the night-movers.  We’re maybe days away from finishing the Converse RubberTracks EP and halfway through a video shoot for the first single off of it, “DanceShee” [working title].

and then to cap it all off, we got to play for the hometown crowd at BAMcafe last night.  We had friends — old and new — come out of the wood-work and line the walls.  Made a bunch of new fans from the folks who were there simply to be out.  And we played a great show.  In just over a week, we’re off to sunny St. Barths to play for the vacationers down at Baz Bar and then we return to gear up for a SXSW tour down to Austin, TX.

to those of you on the eastern seaboard and southern gulf of the country — we may be seeing you soon!

for the rest — our beautiful Brooklyn hometown friends — we’ll be back in just under a month [March 8th] playing at a brand new venue called Free Candy in Brooklyn.  Its going to be a knock-down, drag-out, rent-party fundraiser.  for a small fee, you get entry and can hang and you’ll help us fund our SXSW tour (or at least come close to breaking even!).

again.  what an immense pleasure it.  you all — who listen and dance and sing along: you make it worth all the heartache.  thank you.


the band

Give thanks, spread love, & support live music

friends, dissidents, and music-luminaries —

it is November.  at long last, this year is winding down.  With only some sixty days left in it, we turn our minds ever towards that shimmering ghost of a horizon that is the coming year — and we wonder.

its been a hell of a year for us here at Aabaraki HQ and we are so damned excited to get things popping for next year.  Don’t get us wrong: there’s still plenty popping off in 2011.  We’ve got a gig at Rockwood Music Hall on the night before Thanksgiving (with mister Shawn Pelton sitting in on drums) and we have one or two dates in December already lined up (possible a NYE hit as well?!)  and we’re coming to the final weeks of work on the Converse RubberTracks EP we recorded earlier this year.  So, yes, plenty is still going down this year.

but as we look to next year, we’re starting to plan BIGGER things down the line.  sadly, in order to make those bigger plans a reality, we need a little scratch in the bank.  And that’s where you come in, dear reader.  perhaps you’ve heard of Kickstarter?!  the website where independent little “companies” can raise money from individual investors in order to make a small budgetary goal come to fruition?!  well, whether you have or you haven’t, we are pleased to present the Aabaraki Kickstarter Page!

so come one, come all — see our crazy video.  look at our awesome gifts.  pick out a pledge level: and then pledge!

we know some of you out there are the crunchy types who donate to NPR and PBS and local radio stations (and, indeed, we have some folks like that in the band).  you KNOW the awesome feeling you get when you pledge a little something and get that PBS Totebag or the NPR coffee mug.  you feel: good!  and when you feel good, it creates a cycle of goodness: you do good, you see goodness, and you feel good once more.  how many guilt free pleasures are there like this in the world?!

so, why not help us help you help yourself?!  give a little something to your friendly future-soulist.  and in due course, it will pay dividends — of mind & spirit, but also sweet, sweet jamz…

and everybody has a weakness for the sweetness of a sweet jam.

(seriously, we can’t do this with you, dear reader. give a little, if you can.  or, if not, pass it on.  let people know there’s a great band out here asking for some financial help so that they can kickstart a little music movement from a tiny germ to a full-blown outbreak.)

Aabaraki: Back In The Saddle

its been a while.  we know.  first — to make up for the musical vacuum we’ve left — there is this:

while we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs last month, we were kind of blown away thinking about how far this whole band-music-movement has come since we started way back in ’09.  thanks to the help of a few particular people behind the scenes, and a couple of great NYC venues, and the amazing support of the few, but hardy, fans we’ve managed to gather beneath the futureSoul flag.  and it was for you all that we went into the studio last week (with akie jetlagged beyond belief, brian sporting a chronic cough, aaron falling down sleepy, and ari smushed between two other engagements) and recorded this Alanis Morissette song that we only played during once before (during our Rockwood Residency in April).

the above is footage from the session, but you can own the MP3 for the low, low price of Free.99 by clicking right here.  we hope it suffices for the time being while we continue to work on the new EP from the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions.


in the meantime: we’ve started playing again.  this month boasts gigs in Boston and Pittsburgh as well as in the Brooklyn and Manahattan.  We’re playing every single little chance we get.  the first gig coming up is in the County-of-Kings at a spot called Spike Hill (184 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg).  We’ll be sharing the night with some fantastic artists and friends.  Adam Shenk (8pm) will be there, and so too Xenia Rubinos (10pm).  And yours truly will be on at 11pm, to round out the night.

you can buy tickets today and save yourself a couple of bucks (is $7 at the door the day-of).


finally, looking at the year ahead and expenses likely to leave us gasping for breath, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to raise some money for touring and the new EP and all that stuff.  if you have a chance, please check out our video.  and donate whatever you can — every little bit helps.  there will be more begging and pleading as the days wind on, so look out for shenanigans to raise interest and awareness of our brokeness!

that’s all for now.  we’ll leave you with the Kickstarter video: a kind of unfinished cadence… meaning there is more yet to come.


the August Aabaraki!

While the world seems to be spinning out of control, we’re still working on bringing you all the freshest music we can.  Toward that end, we are releasing some footage from the show we did last month at 92YTriBeca (with Emily King).  Our new take on the classic Bob Dylan song Don’t Think Twice.  


…if you want to come check us out live this month we’ve got two gigs happening.  This coming Thursday (8/11) at Cameo in Brooklyn as part of a night of music and fashion.  We’re on at 930pm.  The following week, we return to Rockwood Music Hall on Thursday 8/18 at 11PM to play a full-on, all stops out, no-holds-barred show.

reduction.stutter.funk marches on.

Tonight. At 92YTriBeCa. With Emily King

Oh my friends.

Saints, Sinners, and Sweet Children of Original Darkness!

I do hope you’ve kept your calendars clear for tonight.  because this is the night for which we have been waiting quite sometime.  At last — at very long last — Aabaraki is going to have the pleasure of sharing a discrete bill with none other than the immaculate Emily King.  We’re so glad we released a record this year because we’re in good company with people like Emily — who’s EP came out last week — and its an honor to be asked to open for her Record Release Party.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet… there’s still time.  Go here, order your tickets, run home after work to get some dancing shoes, and come get some tonight.

You will feel good all over.

the one and only: Emily King

Aabaraki recording with Converse & opening for Emily King

July is not quite even half way over and already so many enormous things have gone down.  After a wonderful record release party where — thanks to the fans — we sold out Rockwood Music Hall.  After we rocked at the house-party to end all house-parties at midnight of the fourth of July in the BK.  And after doing the damn thing at Sullivan hall with the folks from Silverlake to SoHo .  Well, you’d think we’d be ready to take a breather.  Maybe catch some Zs and regroup.

But alas, not this band.  When you’re really hustling, there is NO reason to stop.  So today, we work up early, packed our cars, and drove to Williamsburg to record at the newly-opened Converse Rubber Tracks Studio.  And when we say “newly-opened” we mean it.  We were the first official band to record in the studio.  It was an inauguration of sorts.

And a fortuitous one, at that.  For the last six months, we’ve been writing and performing new songs that have been being written as we plodded along on the path towards releasing our first record.  Lo and behold, we discovered we have enough music for another EP.  So we went into Rubber Tracks to lay it down.  And, indeed, we did.  Some of you may know these songs which we’ve been playing every now and again.  Titles like “What I Got” (which we performed unplugged for the folks over at and “DanceShee” (working title!).   Some you may not know of — like the mysteriously named “Deliverance: The Emancipation Of Tiger Woods” which may or may not actually be the title of said son.  ‘

The point being, we did it.  It was a productive day and now we have a couple of months of hard work ahead of us as we plan to get the second EP out by early Autumn.  In fact, September, if we can.

In other news, we’ve got gigs coming up as well!

Tomorrow (July 14th) at 11:30pm, we will be performing a last minute gig with the Silverlake to SoHo people once again at Sullivan Hall.  It was so good the first time, we had to come back for more.

And next week (WED July 20th/ 9:00pm) we will be opening for none other than the immaculate Emily King at her record release party at 92YTriBeCa [200 Hudson St].  Emily record, The Seven EP, dropped yesterday and it is a simply brilliant musical follow-up to her debut (grammy-nominated) album.  She and her band are a group of musicians that we truly respect and with whom we are truly honored to share a stage, a venue, or even a profession.  If you like our music, you’ll probably like her music as well.  Check it out.

We’ll be opening up the show at 9pm.  You can get advance tickets from the 92YTriBeCa website.

Emily’s show will probably be our last gig for the month.  We got some excellent tracks at Converse Rubber Tracks today and we will probably spend most of the late-July/early-August starting the over-dubs and constructing mixes.  So, if you’re for us then: you’ll know where to find us.

In. The. Lab.


the Band.

Aabaraki goes way up in the air — with

on a hot-ass summer day, we packed a tiny car full of acoustic equipment, braved rush-hour traffic, drove in to midtown Manhattan, paid an exorbitant amount for parking, poured our of said tiny car, hustled into a large building and took the elevator to the top floor. once there, we broke out our instruments, set up in the blazing crepuscular sun and proceeded to serenade the desolate rooftops of the city.

all this at the invitation of our friends over at and for good reason (to promote our show coming up this Friday night at Sullivan Hall (at 11pm) as part of their Silverlake to SOHO concert series.


normally, we’re considered an electrical outfit, but under extreme circumstances we’ve been known to come through on the acoustic tip. after all, we don’t like being confined to small spaces (elevators to desolate rooftops notwithstanding) — so we break loose. After this little performance though… we might consider doing the acoustic thing a little more often.