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Aabaraki goes way up in the air — with

on a hot-ass summer day, we packed a tiny car full of acoustic equipment, braved rush-hour traffic, drove in to midtown Manhattan, paid an exorbitant amount for parking, poured our of said tiny car, hustled into a large building and took the elevator to the top floor. once there, we broke out our instruments, set up in the blazing crepuscular sun and proceeded to serenade the desolate rooftops of the city.

all this at the invitation of our friends over at and for good reason (to promote our show coming up this Friday night at Sullivan Hall (at 11pm) as part of their Silverlake to SOHO concert series.


normally, we’re considered an electrical outfit, but under extreme circumstances we’ve been known to come through on the acoustic tip. after all, we don’t like being confined to small spaces (elevators to desolate rooftops notwithstanding) — so we break loose. After this little performance though… we might consider doing the acoustic thing a little more often.