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Thanks to all who came to BAMcafe last night!

Dag!  What a great year its been so far.  2012 has been rocking our socks off.  Had a great New Years with 2 shows — one upstate at The Falcon Arts Center (in Marlboro, NY) and one late night hit at Rockwood with just the night-movers.  We’re maybe days away from finishing the Converse RubberTracks EP and halfway through a video shoot for the first single off of it, “DanceShee” [working title].

and then to cap it all off, we got to play for the hometown crowd at BAMcafe last night.  We had friends — old and new — come out of the wood-work and line the walls.  Made a bunch of new fans from the folks who were there simply to be out.  And we played a great show.  In just over a week, we’re off to sunny St. Barths to play for the vacationers down at Baz Bar and then we return to gear up for a SXSW tour down to Austin, TX.

to those of you on the eastern seaboard and southern gulf of the country — we may be seeing you soon!

for the rest — our beautiful Brooklyn hometown friends — we’ll be back in just under a month [March 8th] playing at a brand new venue called Free Candy in Brooklyn.  Its going to be a knock-down, drag-out, rent-party fundraiser.  for a small fee, you get entry and can hang and you’ll help us fund our SXSW tour (or at least come close to breaking even!).

again.  what an immense pleasure it.  you all — who listen and dance and sing along: you make it worth all the heartache.  thank you.


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