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Aabaraki recording with Converse & opening for Emily King

July is not quite even half way over and already so many enormous things have gone down.  After a wonderful record release party where — thanks to the fans — we sold out Rockwood Music Hall.  After we rocked at the house-party to end all house-parties at midnight of the fourth of July in the BK.  And after doing the damn thing at Sullivan hall with the folks from Silverlake to SoHo .  Well, you’d think we’d be ready to take a breather.  Maybe catch some Zs and regroup.

But alas, not this band.  When you’re really hustling, there is NO reason to stop.  So today, we work up early, packed our cars, and drove to Williamsburg to record at the newly-opened Converse Rubber Tracks Studio.  And when we say “newly-opened” we mean it.  We were the first official band to record in the studio.  It was an inauguration of sorts.

And a fortuitous one, at that.  For the last six months, we’ve been writing and performing new songs that have been being written as we plodded along on the path towards releasing our first record.  Lo and behold, we discovered we have enough music for another EP.  So we went into Rubber Tracks to lay it down.  And, indeed, we did.  Some of you may know these songs which we’ve been playing every now and again.  Titles like “What I Got” (which we performed unplugged for the folks over at and “DanceShee” (working title!).   Some you may not know of — like the mysteriously named “Deliverance: The Emancipation Of Tiger Woods” which may or may not actually be the title of said son.  ‘

The point being, we did it.  It was a productive day and now we have a couple of months of hard work ahead of us as we plan to get the second EP out by early Autumn.  In fact, September, if we can.

In other news, we’ve got gigs coming up as well!

Tomorrow (July 14th) at 11:30pm, we will be performing a last minute gig with the Silverlake to SoHo people once again at Sullivan Hall.  It was so good the first time, we had to come back for more.

And next week (WED July 20th/ 9:00pm) we will be opening for none other than the immaculate Emily King at her record release party at 92YTriBeCa [200 Hudson St].  Emily record, The Seven EP, dropped yesterday and it is a simply brilliant musical follow-up to her debut (grammy-nominated) album.  She and her band are a group of musicians that we truly respect and with whom we are truly honored to share a stage, a venue, or even a profession.  If you like our music, you’ll probably like her music as well.  Check it out.

We’ll be opening up the show at 9pm.  You can get advance tickets from the 92YTriBeCa website.

Emily’s show will probably be our last gig for the month.  We got some excellent tracks at Converse Rubber Tracks today and we will probably spend most of the late-July/early-August starting the over-dubs and constructing mixes.  So, if you’re for us then: you’ll know where to find us.

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